Bringing Superconducting Technologies to the world

We harness the power of renowned superconductivity experts to solve the world's most pressing challenges.

MagCorp leverages the talents of its scientists, partners, as well as connections in the public sector and higher education to find collaborative solutions for business and industry.

Picture Credit: Lindsay Masterson

Our Vision

Leverage Superconducting technologies to solve the world's most pressing problems

From fighting cancer to ending energy dependence to revolutionizing MRI technology, MagCorp’s expertise in superconductivity and deep connections in the private sector will lead to world-changing discoveries and implementation. 

Why MagCorp?

IP Sharing

Partnerships are created because each member brings value to the relationship. MagCorp’s shared intellectual property ownership model provides a truly collaborative environment.

Low Risk

Product development is risky. MagCorp’s stepwise approach minimizes risk and allows for pivots on the innovation pathway.


MagCorp is your concierge experience for your partnership with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. We facilitate communication for both scientists and our clients. MagCorp is your one-stop-shop for magnet science solutions.

How it works

It all starts with an idea

We focus on making a practical experience for you.

  • Contact our team to discuss your needs.
  • We provide consulting, sponsored research, product development.
  • We put superconductivity experts to work for you.

We connect your project to the right people and resources.

  • We strive to facilitate better communication between businesses and research facilities.
  • We take pride in communicating effectively to fulfill your business needs.
  • No advocate has previously existed for facilitating communication between scientists and clients. We are that conduit.

Complete operational control and flexibility.

  • We provide a low-risk stepwise engagement model.
  • This model allows you to begin engagements with more easily fundable, low risk feasibility studies and proof of concepts to ensure that your project will be successful.
  • This model lowers the risks to all parties because we can pivot easily to a new solution.

The best equipment paired with the smartest minds

MagCorp harnesses the power of the world’s premier superconductivity experts to solve real world problems.

Key Market Applications

High temperature superconducting magnets are the key ingredient to advancing technologies across a diverse array of industries.

- Fusion
- Power Transmission
- Wind Turbine

Information Technology
- Quantum Computing


- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

- Radiation Therapy


- Hydrogen Aviation

- Maglev Trains

Speak with someone to get started

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